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Accelerating the process of converting end-of-life plastic waste into refined synthetic hydrocarbon products, including low carbon synthetic crude oil and valuable petrochemicals.

Unlocking the value in a lower carbon future

It is Mura Technology’s ambition to establish a circular economy for plastics, which will see end-of-life plastics, such as single use, or those that can no longer be manually recycled, chemically recycled into new plastics and other hydrocarbon products. Deployment of the Mura’s technology, alongside traditional recycling methods, will divert plastic away from incineration, landfill and the oceans.

Mura uses supercritical water to convert end-of-life plastics back into the feedstock from which they were made, allowing for the development of new plastic products – creating a circular economy.

The first commercial scale site in the UK is currently in development at ReNew ELP, in the North East of England – head to www.renewelp.co.uk for further information.


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  • Unlocking the value in a lower carbon future

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